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How can i ask politely about my job application after almost a month after submitting it ?

I submitted the job application around the last few days of May, I will say the month of June for a week and a half i was extremely busy but even then, they never called back or anything. I was wondering if its too late to ask? If not, what should I say when I call? I just want to know if they have a wait list or i was rejected! :) I really need a job thats why im so naggy lol. thank you.

5 Answers

  • 9 months ago

    For an entry level position, you didn't get it.

    You can always give them a call though.

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  • Depends on the job, some companies are quicker to hire then others.

    If it's an entry level job or minimum wage job, you most likely would have heard back from them by now.

    It's been about 6-8 weeks after you've applied for the job, so they could have found some one else to fill it.

    If you want to call them, then just ask if they've viewed your application and or if they're still interested in interviewing you for the job.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    They got your application, reviewed it and decided not to call you, maybe because there were 50 others that applied and had experience and the right skills.


    They got your application along with 200 hundred others that also applied for the same job. They never reviewed yours because they found who they were looking for.

    Just because you applied does not mean they owe you a phone call.

    They do not like getting phone calls from desperate job seekers who aren't educated enough to know better than to call them and bother them.

    If they were interested in you they would have called you.

    You need to get educated and apply for 25 jobs a week to those that have openings, and wait!!! Do not call anyone!!! EVER!! Idiots will tell you that it shows you are really interested and will get noticed for calling, WRONG!! You are Just a pest when you do that.

    • riley9 months agoReport

      I have applied for many other jobs before. My friend works at this specific job and told me many coworkers, specifically seniors, have left off for college and they were looking. Please don’t make it seem like I’m a ******* idiot, thank you.

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  • 9 months ago

    Employers generally don't have any such "wait list". You'll likely need to apply for another job somewhere else. Depending on what is on your resume, it might not even be relevant.

    Number one rule(s):

    - No typos or text speak.

    - Honesty. Lies only get you injured or fired.

    • riley9 months agoReport

      Thankyou so much!

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  • 9 months ago

    No it's not too late sometimes they have alot of people dealing with. You can call back and tell them your name and that you have done an interview (Sometimes it's best when you remember the exact date) and the position they interviewed you for. If they said like they are still "processing it" then consider yourself unlucky and move on but If they say yes you can come in and start then your successful.

    • riley9 months agoReport

      Thank you ! Will do.

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