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Do I have to quarantine a snake if I don't have any other pets?

Would quarantining a reptile be necessary if there are no other pets in the home? I'm confused because I've seen people say you have to quarantine a new snake, but the reasons given have to do with the effects unknown issues can have on other pets.

What are the reasons for quarantining a pet if it's the first and only?

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    You quarantine a pet for 3 major reasons. First so they dint bring parasite or disease into the house spreadable to other animals contaminating them, your correct there.

    Second is making sure the animals health is in tact, doesn’t develop rabies in mammals ir doesn’t have any major behavioral issues.

    Third is to make sure the pet owner dies not catch anything from the animal, especially if feral caught. The quarantine period in feral animals should contain two vet visits especially if you have other pets in the house. A health check and exam when you first get the animal, then at the end if quarantine to see if any issues developed or it began shed or is suffering any issues like dehydration, malnutrition, vitamins, minerals or anything missing from new diet. Etc. they want to make sure your new animal is well cared for, being given what it needs not just to survive but to thrive and after it’s pronounced healthy then you are free to handle it unprotected (no gloves etc) and to be in the same room with the other animals (no respiratory issues) and can even intermingle with or use the same areas without fear of current animals contracting some illness and dying.

    If you have a new snake you should still wash hands and wear gloves during the standard quarantine time. Even purchased from a pet shop the snakes can be exposed to illnesses during shipping as they are not interested in the health of the animals for and during shipping many times and usually do not quarantine them. Many get stressed then get sick, die and are int their boxes several days after they die exposing the remaining ones to illnesses or diseases that killed them.

    Purchasing from a breeder personally is usually better than getting some exotics that are shipped half way around the world just for money but no interest in the animals health.

    That’s pretty much why it’s good to quarantine even though you have no other pets,there is still the issue of spreading something to their human handlers.

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