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When do they stop showing the snake on Supernatural episode 14?

I’ve been a big fan of supernatural but I’ve lost interest on watching the show ever since they started showing the snake on episode “Ouroboros.” I’m terrified of snakes and it makes me so uncomfortable every time they show it so therefore I haven’t been able to enjoy the show and sometimes I just listen and not look at the screen just in case the snake comes up. Does anyone know which episode or season that the snake is completely gone. I’m up to season 14 Episode 16 and barely made it due to the snake. I don’t really see the purpose of the snake on the show really. Not everyone is comfortable with snakes.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Are you sure you're on episode 16? Because the snake only appeared in episodes 14 and 15.

    • Angel6 months agoReport

      Sorry my mistake. I meant episode 15. I just finished watching episode 15 and heard that Jack killed it and sent it to heaven to be with its friends. couldn’t watch it though, I was so relieved😂. Thanks.

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