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Why do I have terrifying dreams?

I have dreams where I’m getting shot at or shot in the back, where I’m getting chased, or dreams about falling. I’ve had people who have slept with me tell me I talk in my sleep, and I’ve even hit people and woken up (apparently frightened and crying) and not remembered. I’ve never experienced violence or anything so I don’t know why my dreams are usually so violent and vivid? Or why I have some that I don’t even remember?

They don’t happen a lot, just usually when I’m stressed or when I don’t get good sleep. I’ll either go months without them or I’ll have them for weeks at a time. Like do I need counseling?

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  • 7 months ago

    What is happening in your awake Life when you have these sort of dreams? Try to find out what triggers them. That is the beginning of gaining power over them. Unless you have a need to speak with a counselor, or you think it would help you find the answer to these dreams, you don't need to seek a counselor. However you could go and seek help or info about what is going on in your Life which is causing this unease.

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  • 7 months ago

    Since you did not post a dream and only topics I can only address each topic.

    1st Topic of being shot suggests that you have not surrendered.

    2nd Topic of running suggests you are fearful.

    3rd Topic of falling means that your life is out of control.

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