Bumped a vein on top my my hand - why does my entire hand hurt?

I was placing a bag of shavings on a desk so I could close the door behind me, and while I was setting it down, the top of my left hand got pinned between the bag and a corner of a table. Directly between my middle finger and my ring finger, halfway down my hand, on top of my vein, I got a decent scratch from the table corner being pushed onto my hand. The spot turned purple for a minute or two, and then went back to normal color. It did bubble up, and about 7 hours later it’s still puffy. My entire hand has been sore since. Any ideas why it would still be so sore?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    It hurts because ti was probably a vein that took a lot of blood to the heart. Don't worry, the hurting sensation should go away.

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