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What are some animals with ominous/mysterious connotations?

For example, a raven.

I'm trying to think of a street name for a character for a book I'm writing. The character is a hitwoman, but no one knows the identity of the hitwoman or even that it's a woman at all. But the people in the region know of this hitperson, that they stand and watch you while you are completely unaware and plan for when they strike. No one ever sees the hitwoman but they know when she strikes the next day and they all whisper this street name in fear.

Something ominous/sinister/dark

Non animal names appreciated too

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    Look up the fantasy name generator website, it has all sorts of names you're bound to find one that you like

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    Well if you can't think of any, what makes you think your readers will realise a name is meant to be 'ominous'?

  • 5 months ago

    The praying Mantiz

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    "The Capybara"

    "The Chartreux"

    "The Hyrax"

    "The Pygmy Marmoset"

    "The Serval"

    "The Tuatara"

    "The Vizsla"

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