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Is an Accounting degree worth it?

I was curious about this because a lot of forums say the field is in high demand and pays well, but others say there's a lot of unemployment/underemployment since it's a business degree.

In general, is it a better choice to earn a bachelor's degree in Accounting/Business or to just learn a trade? I'm comparing some possibilities and would like to get insight .

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    If you were an accountant you could crunch the numbers and find out. Thus the major caveat of life. You won't know if a degree in accounting is worth it until you go to college to learn how to crunch the numbers in an accounting sorta way.

    WHOOP!! SURPRISE!! You only learned it's not worth it once you knew how to crunch those numbers after-the-fact and you just went through all that for nothing. Experience is a rough teacher because she always gives the test first and the lesson afterward.

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  • 6 months ago

    lol. Do what you want to do.

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