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Why do women always have negative stereotypes about muscular, fit men?

They assume I spend all day in the gym, they assume I'm a "bro", they assume I'm dumb, they assume I'm a player, they assume I take steroids, they assume all I talk about is working out and diet, they assume I'm judgemental of women's body's, etc etc. I'm NONE of those. I am married for 10 years, workout 6 hours a week total (probably as much as some women spend looking in the mirror doing makeup each week and doing other beauty related things), yet I'm considered vain because I am muscular and used to play college football. I don't get it.

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  • Marla
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    7 months ago

    There is an ongoing fad being promoted in the media, mostly talk shows led by women, and is of criticizing men for everything.

    As you correctly point out, this a sexist stereotype.

    If you were a muscular woman, women would be bending over backwards to praise you for your strength, dedication, "breaking barriers", etc.

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  • 7 months ago

    You ever think you're putting it on the wrong person.

    It's the women's fault.

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