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What should I do?

I was involved in a car accident a month ago and I’ve received two letters from the other party’s insurance and have been calling them for A MONTH and kept getting sent to voicemail. I’ve left voicemails repeatedly but no response. I was involved in a collision; a driver on the right of me caused me to swerve and the car on the left. The car on the right of me didn’t actually touch my car because I moved out the way but we were all getting ready to pull over but the car on the right sped off and I was following him and my friend signaled for the other car to follow so every party involved left the scene without exchanging anything. Nobody got out the car to see the damage, and I don’t even know the model of the car besides it’s color. We eventually lost the car I hit but I finally got the other car to pull over. The cop came and let the car we were chasing go because he can’t prove anything. So I’m left to deal with the insurance of the car on the right and I didn’t have insurance at the time. The cop said something about me doing a hit and run so I’m kind of scared now. The car I hit probably got my plate number so that’s how his insurance found me. I’ve been trying to cooperate with their insurance but nobody has responded to me. What do I do? How do I get out of this?

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    Do you know if the party you hit has Uninsured motorist coverage that will cover the damage to their car and any injury to them ? You need to speak with the claim rep from the other party's auto insurance company. Keep notes of date and time you call them and leave messages. If the other party has collision coverage or uninsured motorist coverage, their auto insurance will pay and then bill you for repayment or put you in collections for repayment.

  • Anonymous
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    I didn’t have insurance at the time. That is all you needed to write, not the story.

    You are screwed. Wait till the cops come and kick your front door in. Getting insurance AFTER THE INCIDENT does not help one bit. It is ALL YOUR FAULT. You will be paying for everyone. and paying for your own repairs too.

    Hire a lawyer because you will be paying for him too.

    You commit the crime, you do the time.

  • May
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    1 year ago

    Hey Pork Chop;

    What should you do?

    You should either get insurance or stop driving.

    You are the one who foolishly drove without insurance so you are the one who will have to deal with this on your own so don't come crying to others to help you.

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    The car that came into your lane didn't get hit or hit anyone. They might have caused the accident but it would be very rare for them to be held accountable.

    You should have pulled over and not paid attention to that car. But no one is going to get you for a hit & run since the other driver followed you and you were able to exchange information.

    if you don't talk to the car that you hit insurance company, you are going to be held responsible for the repair of that car.

    Have you been leaving voicemails and they don't call you back? Or you just hang up?

    If you just hang out, call again and leave a message including your name, claim number, your telephone number, and the best time to reach you.

    If you have been leaving messages and they don't return your call.... call again 3 minutes after they open. If you are transferred to voicemail, press 0 to try to get an operator. If you get a hold of a live body, tell them you have been trying to speak to the claims agent for several weeks and have not gotten a return call.

    What you hope for:

    1. They deem you only partially at fault and you pay the insurance company for the repair based on the percentage you are held responsible for. If you don't do this, you will likely be sued for the cost of the repair.

    You may be held responsible for the full accident.

    What did the police do since you don't have insurance?

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  • Scott
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    1 year ago

    You didn't have insurance? I'm sure that won't be the last stupid mistake you will ever make. Sucks to be you!

  • 1 year ago

    First, and most importantly, you stop calling immediately. Every time you call, it tells the insurance company that if they don't respond then all you will do is to make more phone calls.

    Next, without calling, respond to their letters in writing, by mail, without calling. Sending a written letter, regardless of what you write in it, tells them that you will do more than just make phone calls.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    NO insurance at the time? EPIC FAIL

    So your knee-jerk reaction caused you to over-control your vehicle and swerve into another car? EPIC FAIL

    Not stopping after being in an accident is indeed a case of hit-and-run. EPIC FAIL

    You could face serious consequences. I suggest that you retain a lawyer. Serves you tight for driving without insurance.

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