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Does Starbucks caramel frappes have alcohol in them ?

McDonald’s use alcohol during the manufacturing of their iced caramel frappe and their drink contains 0.05 percent of alcohol in them. I was wondering if Starbucks does the same thing too?

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    7 months ago
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    No though the whole Starbucks coffee place has undertones to their drinks that makes you think that they are alcoholic by giving hinted themes and suggestive labeling they are not.

    I know where YOU are coming from, Starbucks should have a friendly presentation on how they view and label their coffee drinks,

    None of them are alcoholic thankfully.

    Starbucks is the kind of coffee joint that would sell candy imitation cigarettes to make you think one thing, but when you research It, it would be another.

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  • 7 months ago

    home made root beer also has about that much alcohol in it too. some things just do.

    why not ask Starbucks? they would know.

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