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I was in New Jersey?

How much does a ticket cost that you get for making a left NOT right turn on red (I was in New Jersey) Let’s say it’s green for going straight and accidently?

You go on a red for making a left turn? Or let’s say you do an unsafe maneuver and start turning on a left while it’s red and luckily (safely) make it across? (Meaning it’s a 4 lane road / right off highway and your all the way on the right and make a left (go across all lanes Bc it’s red for going straight) but then as your proceeding this move it turns red?

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    For a red light violation in New Jersey, you're typically looking at anywhere between $50 to $200 fine depending on the community, plus court fees that can add another $30 to the total. 2 points will go against your license, so your insurance may go up too.

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