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What will humans look like 1 million years from now if we are still alive?

Will we be taller or shorter/ bigger brains or smaller, faster and stronger or weaker and slower etc

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    Taller. Look at the average height from the 1500s vs today.

    Darker skin. Ozone layer is depleting so people will need darker skin to block uv rays.

    Brains are getting bigger. It’s just the next evolution of mankind.

    Stronger. Survival of the fittest.

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    Evolutionary changes are not predictable, because they are adaptations to the environment, and environmental changes are unpredictable. Since humans evolved in Africa, all of the ancestors of living humans were Africans. Africans adapted to a hot climate with little shade, so they have dark skin to protect themselves from the sun's cancer causing UV light. About 60,000 years ago, some Africans migrated out of Africa and many of them remained the same and they still live in Australia and New Guinea, and other parts of SE Asia as Negritoes. Others have adapted to cold climates in Europe and North Asia.

    People who are adapted to the cold tend to have straight hair, light skin tones, shorter arms and legs, larger eyeballs, thinner lips, taller and narrower nose bridges, a more rounded torso, more fat under the skin, more facial and body hair, shorter stature, and slightly larger brains. Most of these adaptations reduce body surface area so as to reduce heat loss to the environment. Africans in contrast adapt to a hot climate by increasing body surface to lose excess body heat quickly. Depends on whether global warming continues or not, we may or may not see a change. Darker skin, longer arms and legs, less body hair, less fat under the skin, a taller and leaner body may be more advantageous if global warming continues.

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    fossils, maybe some idiots in Russia or Moscow will be frozen and have soft tissue left of them.

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    Barring genetic engineering and extinction, people will look pretty much like the people who live in Rio de Janeiro today.

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    Isn't there a face app for that?

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    nobody knows, so your guess is as good as mine ..........................................

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