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Do I have rabies?

This is gonna sound ridiculous but I am an EXTREME hypochondriac (currently talking to someone about it) and my dad made me take out the trash. When I got to the can, a bad in the can was ripped and a bunch of items were thrown out of the can. I put the items back into the can and instantly went inside to wash my hands. Then I questioned what if it was a rabid animal that somehow touched those bags with saliva and I was touching the saliva? I don't know how long ago it happened before I put the trash back in the can, but I washed my hands like a bazillion times and then put hand sanitizer on.


I meant to say bag, not bad.

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    No, that is so low probability as to be zero. Rapid animals are not foraging for food, and the virus would not be infective in a trash can either.

  • Matt
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    1 year ago

    Quickly satizing your hands and washing like you did makes the chances quite low, and you also should ask if you got rabies vaccine shot anytime before then

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Animals usually don’t get rabies. You’ll be fine. Even if you do, do not get the rabies vaccine.

    Vaccines cause more harm than good

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