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What if different compounds have four electron clouds (same electron cloud geometry), but different molecular geometries. Explain.?

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    Think about the compounds CH4, NH3, H2O and HF. The main atom in each of these compounds has 4 pairs of electrons arranged around it in a (roughly) tetrahedral arrangement. When you talk about the shape of the molecule, you are describing the positions of the atoms. So, the molecular geometries of these four compounds are:

    CH4 - Tetrahedral

    NH3 - Trigonal pyramid

    H2O - Bent

    HF - Linear

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  • 6 months ago

    Then some of the electron clouds are non-bonding. CH4, NH3, H2O all have 4 electron clouds around the central atom, but they have different molecular structures due to what's at the end of each cloud.

    CH4 ---> 4 atoms at ends of clouds

    NH3 ---> 3 atoms at end, one NB pair

    H2O ---> 2 atoms at end, two NB pair

    All have same electron geometry, ut different molecular structures.

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