Clarinet mouthpiece doesn t fit in the barrel?

My friend ordered a vandoren b45 mouthpiece for her b flat clarinet (because its required for marching band), but it doesn t fit. The cork is midway stuck in the barrel and the mouthpiece won t come out. Is it just because the mouthpiece is new, or is it something else that can be fixed?

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    6 months ago
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    it's because the mouthpiece is new and was probably also installed too dry. If the cork hasn't been greased yet it can be lightly sanded for a better fit but in the long run it might end up being too loose. Be very careful now because it will be easy to damage the cork either trying to push it in or remove it. I'd take it to a repair shop.

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  • Barrel is too small and shrunk from weather.

    Seek new barrel.

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