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do Creationists believe that if they disprove evolution that prove GOD?

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    Evolution is already fake....WE KNOW GOD IS REAL CUZ WE FOUND HIM THROUGH PRAYING....DO not talk down to others. We KNOW SOMETHING u don't..

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    They might.

    But, disproving evolution would just mean that life has some other natural explanation for its existence.

    Nothing can top the big bang as evidence of God.

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    What I don't understand is why people can't accept that evolution is part of the plan.

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    No, God can not be proven, He can only be accepted through " faith alone"!

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    creationists are so goofy they think they're fighting their way into heaven. In reality, they have no clue what they're doing.

    They have no idea what evolution is and what it is not.

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    No. There are even some atheists who do not believe in evolutionism who still do not believe in God.

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    Most think they've already proven 'god' - and believe that the 'proof' that they have should be sufficient for anyone to believe in it as well.

    Some people who believe in 'god' don't actually think that their belief and the modern scientific theory of evolution are mutually exclusive concepts - it's usually just people who take a narrow literal interpretation of biblical creation myths who either feel threatened by, or have disdain for science.

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    A person can know many truths about God, creation and evolution by reciting the rosary each day with care.

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    I think maybe they DO believe that. Not that there's any chance of their disproving evolution, or even understanding it (because they don't dare let their followers actually learn about it), but there is a certain logic to the notion that if evolution isn't true, then we need some kind of Intelligent Designer to explain our existence.

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