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I said I love her, she said she loves me too, now she’s gone silent?

So I started seeing a girl, we live about an hour apart and can’t see each other very often but when we do it’s always memorable. For a while we have had this roundabout way of saying “I love you” by saying “elephant ears”. I finally bit the bullet and just said “I love you” in a text before bed and went to sleep (coz honestly I was scared to see whether or not she would answer) when I woke up there was a simple “I love you too” but since, I haven’t heard from her. Trying not to overthink it, but what could it mean if she’s gone silent after that?

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    And I thought it was just us women who get anxious and over-analyse when a guy doesn't message them. You may be reading too much into it. Maybe she's waiting for a message from you. Why not just message her back? However don't take things too fast as often when people get too swept up in lust and strong emotions in a new romance, it can often implode.

    Take things slow, there's no need to rush things. Infatuation can often be mistaken for actual love, but real deep love develops over time and when you accept the person's faults as well as their strengths and still want to be with them and work at it after the honeymoon period ends.

    Saying "I love you" can be quite an overwhelming thing, so you should both take your time to really get your head around it. I think you should speak to each other over the phone or in person and decide where you want to take things i.e. do you want to be in a relationship and make things official? You need to figure out what saying "I love you" means to you both. Is it just infatuation or do you see the potential for something deeper?

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  • Janet
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    Love requires at LEAST a couple years of living together.

    You are mistaking fantasy for love.

    And so was she . but it appears that she has been jolted back into reality and is afraid of you because you are NOT seeing reality.

    Someone who falls in love too quickly (less than a couple years of steady in-person dating several times a week) is NOT relationship material, and it isn't going to last.

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    • Cal6 months agoReport

      Your answer is complete ****, I meant what I said to her and no it doesn’t require years of living together, I would NEVER move in with someone I didn’t love. That just seems unwise. I know coz I been there done that. Thanks.

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  • 6 months ago

    She's a Mime. Character study.

    • Cal6 months agoReport

      You, however, I like your humor. Best answer.

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