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Is it possible to dream while you are awake?

This has only started to happen to me this year, but I have had many of the same occurrences over and over again right before I go to bed. Sometimes I'm not even tired and just try to force myself to sleep and it still happens only when I lie down in bed.

As I'm sitting up in beed I'll hear this low, unintelligible voice and after every time I hear it the same part of my lower back goes into a strange spasm. It almost feels like someone is shocking electricity into my back every time it happens.

I can even predict when it is about to happen because I will always hear the strange voice at first. Last night was particularly terrifying because I heard the voice on and off throughout the whole night. I will be in a peaceful sleep for at least an hour and the voice got louder every time I heard it. It speaks so fast that I can't understand it, but it almost sounds like it's coming from a record or radio transmission.

This was the first time I have ever heard the voice more than once and even though I can predict that I am going to get a shock in my back when I hear it it still scares the hell out of me. However, I only seem to experience the shock once per night every so often, but this is the first time ever that I heard the voice more than once.

Speaking of electricity, I will also add that I have used a sound machine every night for the past few years. Sometimes it will shut on and off or change sounds but that only happens once a night -cont-


However, tonight it shut it self off at one point in the night (I watched it because I was still wide awake) and another point it changed sounds automatically. It shut itself off the night before, but this is the first time it performed more than one action on its own. As you can see, my night was hell and I'm surprised I got any sleep at all. I try to do research and come up with a lot of sleep paralysis results, but no one has ever described anything related to electricity feelings in the body

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    That sounds like nerve problems in your back. The low voice sounds are probably just your sleeping mind playing tricks as you are wakened by the sensation in your back.

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    Hypnagogia happens while you’re falling asleep. I’ve had it for many years, I see faces, or scenes, or hear talking, that’s no biggie, but at times, it’s also a time when my psychic senses open, I may hear conversation between people I know, the next day I ask if that was what they talked about, or were doing, and they’ve confirmed it as being true.. when I’m coming out of sleep is when the senses are strongest for me.

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  • Although you say that you are awake hearing sounds and even feeling strange sensations as you are falling asleep is not uncommon and is called hypnagogia.

    I am also wondering if the sound machine has something to do with it, the human brain seeks patterns in random noise, if I listen to a fan I can kind of hear music faintly playing even though I'm clearly imagining it. It's called pareidolia.

    Try sleeping without the sound machine on and see if that makes any difference.

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  • 6 months ago

    YEP! It keeps me from concentrating at work often.

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