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is this my period or something else?

So the last time I had my period was May 28th - June 1st. I was supposed to have my period June 22nd ish but it never came. May 28th I did have a guy stick the tip in me w a condom but we had no sex. July 4th and 5th I had unprotected but he pulled out and I took plan b within 48 hours (July 6th) and this was the first and only time I’ve taken plan b. I’ve had bad cramps like I usually do before my period but I’ve had a UTI so I thought it was that. But last night I began to bleed and it was red with clots. I woke up this morning and I was still bleeding so I used a tampon. The tampon was soaked a good amount but the blood was brown and red. I had cramps again also this morning. But then when I took the tampon out and wiped, I wasn’t bleeding. What is going on

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    Did you not read the side effects of plan b - it causes bleeding and clots and missed period for a month or so as it is a massive does of hormones that messes up your cycle

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