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What is a good nonfiction book to read that connects to The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka?

I have a summer assignment for school where I need to read one fiction and one nonfiction book and then write a 10 page essay. I decided to read The Metamorphosis but I’m not sure which nonfiction book to pick. Since the essay has to focus on a “traceable commonality (type of character; similar setting; similar diction/syntax, etc.),” I would greatly appreciate recommendations!!

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    the man who mistook his wife for a hat- oliver sacks

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    "psychology" text book.

    is kafka comparing psychology to the philosophical metaphysics of religion,

    existentialist works like "being and nothingness" by j.p. sartre, or lao tzu's book "Tao Te Ching", or the buddhist writings of nichiren daishonin: "heritage of the ultimate law of life".

    a reality book is one of science which states facts, psychology, so i recommend, "man and his symbols" by carl jung as an exploration of the self.

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  • Sharon
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    a nonfiction book that would have something in common with Kafka's Die Verwandlung would either be one of psychology or on insects.

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