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I have a newborn baby who is nearly 6 months left I have all the help I need but I want to do it all alone is this normal?

I am tooo attached to my baby.. I dont want him to suffer as soon as he cries I run to him as soon as his hungry I feed him nappy etc I have alot of support from my mother in law and family members but I like to do everything alone like change nappy his clothes I am breastfeeding which is the hard part bu I wouldnt like it if somebody else fed him. My husband says he doesnr want to have more babies especially not just yet. I feel every little moment of my nany growing up is precious. Sometimes I have to hold my wee and stay hungry until I've sorted him out. But this is the sacrifice I want to make. I think I dont trust anyone else looking after my baby as in the past I have been in the bathroom and mother in law has not noticed him having a dirty nappy and it's all dried up. I am too attached that I dont want to enjoy my own life and socialise I take him with me and I am not leaving b him until he is one

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    Since you are questioning it, part of you knows that something about this is more than just not wanting to miss any second of his life. You can probably see that going forward, you are going to have a hard time letting him separate from you which he must start to do if he is going to be an emotionally healthy and normal adult.

    There isn't anything wrong with what you have done the first six months. As you go forward from here, start to make an effort to let other people take care of him for short amounts of time so that you are able to separate from him when he goes to school, goes to a friend's house, etc.

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  • Eva
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    6 months ago

    You are too attached. You shouldn't run to him every time he cries. You'll create a monster. Babies have to learn to self soothe. It's one thing if he cries because something is really wrong, (hungry, diaper change, etc) quite another if it's just because he wants attention.

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    • rose6 months agoReport

      Pippin I know alot of people that actually do that leave their baby in the bouncer alone and ignored

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  • Mark
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    6 months ago

    < I feed him nappy

    Are they dirty or clean when you feed them to him? No, feeding nappies to a baby is not normal.

    • rose6 months agoReport

      Grow up

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