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Keystation 88 setup problem?

I just got a Keystation 88, it doesn t play sounds on its own, it plays it through some sort of software on my computer. It told me to download this software, Ableton live 10 lite, but I can t select the device as an input device. I connected it to my computer through a usb port which powers the keyboard, but I can t see Keystation 88 as an option for input device.

When i press the keys on the keyboard the program recognizes that I have pressed a key with a yellow light but it won t play the sound. I want to hear the sound in my headset when I press a key, how do I do it?

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    It should appear as a MIDI device in any software that supports MIDI.

    For something simple to just play sounds, try VMPK:


    In that go to Edit > Midi connections

    You should be able to see a device in there.

    Another MIDI only utility - MIDIEditor


    If you want a full DAW (Digital audio workstation), Tracktion 7 is totally free and unrestricted; it's far better than ableton, for me:


    In Tracktion, you will need to go to setup - MIDI and find the input device there. Set the output to the Microsoft MIDI synth to start with.

    Create a new project, click on the input section of a track as assign the MIDI input to it.

    Route the output to the MIDI out, if it does not default there.

    Click record in the track header to enable that track for record; it should then play.

    The main record button at the lower right will start the recorder running.

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