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Roach infested?

Ok so me and my husband decided to get a super cheap apartment in order to save money but as soon as we moved in we noticed roaches taking over our apartment it became so bad all our furniture was infested. we reported it and they didn’t care much, they seemed like it was pretty normal but I kept reporting it until they did something about it and finally they said they had sent someone to bomb it while we weren’t home but there was no sign that someone actually came. We got so disgusted that as soon as our 6 month lease ended we moved out. We stayed with my parents until we could find a new place. All our furniture obviously couldn’t go with us because we had no room so we rented a storage unit . I went through each item and tried to clean them as good as I could before placing them in storage. It’s been in there for over a year now and I have also found a new place now but I’m scared of taking my stuff out of the storage and possibly taking roaches with me or do you think they have died by now? I kept them in a inside building storage with no windows no access to food or water for over a year, How ever I know they could probably eat anything but for sure no water. Also I first placed them in there around the cold time but it’s been pretty hot couple months after. What do y’all think?

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    A long time ago I had a friend who worked for a slum landlord. Roach infestation was common. We worked together in an inner city food factory. IT WAS VERY CLEAN. But we did have roaches. I came home with roach eggs on my work boots and infested my house. Death was too good for me in my wife's eyes. What my friend told me was to mix a concoction of boric acid and confectioners sugar (50/50). Put it dark/damp places: under the kitchen sink, under the refrigerator places like the pets can't get at it. Insects communicate by chemicals...rubbing and such. The sugar attracts them, they rub over their pals in the nest, the boric acid kills them. After we did that, we didn't see roaches again.

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  • 6 months ago

    Roach traps took care of mine.

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    GF also has trouble with roaches in her greenhouse, so she has a spray bottle of DISH SOAP and water handy, kills then quick and clean. ...........................................

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