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What else can soften the earwax?

I have been using ear drops lately my ear constantly pops none stop I use an elephant ear to get it out I got some out so what I do does help it’s starting to hurt to put the ear drops in my ear when I went to the doctor they said they didn’t see anything though I am starting to think to go there again since it wasn’t hurting to put drops in before should I? I am miserable and don’t know what to do I thought about seeing the ear nose and throat doctor but we don’t really have the money for that also what if they say they can’t find anything? What to do besides cutting the ear off? Lol I also been thinking of doing that.

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    6 months ago

    Self diagnosis often is not helpful

    You need to see the "Ear, Nose, & Throat" specialist.They do special tests. Your choice is continue treating a symptom for an unknown problem OR pay and get a proper diagnosis.

    Your problem may not be what you THINK it is.

    Ear Wax is normally ejected naturally, by simply chewing.

    Attempts (non medically) to remove it prematurely is often only compacting it deeper into the ear canal eventually requiring a medical intervention.

    The biggest threat to you existence is the problem might be something totally different to what you believe it is.

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