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Should I live with my mom or my foster family? READ DESCRIPTION?

I m in foster care due to an addiction problem with my mom, we have a great relationship still and I get to see her three times a week which makes me incredibly happy. My foster family is great but I just don t feel completely comfortable here even though I ve known them for years. I want to live with my mom because I m happier there and my brother wants to live with her, but she s had relapses in the past. Should I choose to be happy and live in a (possibly) unstable home or should I choose to stay in a stable home where I don t feel that comfortable

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    You need to update your question or explain in a comment what makes you think the choice is yours. This almost never happens unless you're about to turn 18, but if that's the case, you should have mentioned it.

    If this truly is your choice, there's too many factors to tell you what to do, but this reads to me like you're propping your mom up too much in your head. There's a very big difference between seeing someone 3 days a week vs living with them 24/7. If she's pushing for you to live with her, she may not have your best interest in mind. I'm sure you love her, but some stuff has gone down pretty bad when kids end up in foster care. It's risky to take her word for it that she's doing fine now.

    With that said, I'd think whatever happens, you'd want to be with your brother.

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    i would stay with the foster family and visit her when you can, if youre over 18 you might also be able move out

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    Right now the state is deciding who you should live with. When/if your mom completes her parenting plan put in place by the state she can regain custody of you.

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    I don't think the choice is yours right now, if you were put into foster care. Give it a little time.

    I'm sorry you're going through all of this.

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