Electrolyte imbalances and fainting?

So my proctologist prescribed me psyllium husk for constipation I took and it made me poop too much and last Friday night I got home complely dizzy and confused I laid on the cough and (well I don t know if I slept or fainted) but I couldn t sense time at all it lasted for 6 minutes,after that my head started tingling and I couldn t think straight then I ate some salt and the weakness kinda went away....then cold shivvers followed

But until now Wednesday I still feel a brain fog

What does it really mean,today I m going to my proctologist again and I ll tell her that

1 Answer

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    12 months ago

    you need to follow the doctor's orders and drink plenty of fluids while on that.

    also, you should be calling and talking to him. he knows more about your specific situation than random strangers on the internet...

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