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How do I win over an otherwise all male team that don't like that a younger woman was promoted above them?

I'm just the team leader so barely above them, but at the same time I'm given total control over the team. I was explicitly told that I'd be supported if I wanted to make personnel changes in the team and that half of them they'd happily fire while the other half would just be moved around. I know a bunch of women from my previous job that I think would be interested if it came to that Most of the team wanted the promotion, but everyone thought one guy was going to get it. Ironically, he is the only one being supportive of me. He's really sweet and he's the only one that calls me "boss" even though we all called our previous team leader that. There's been snide comments and insinuations that I only got the jobs because I'm a woman or because I slept with someone or because of my looks. I certainly didn't sleep with anyone.

There have also been comments that there was no way I deserved the job over the other guy, but he said to me himself that he thought I deserved it, but then maybe he is just being kind. I got on pretty well with these guys before the promotion, but the comments aren't stopping. I'm not sure how to handle this though. I'm worried I'll prove them right if I handle this badly though so I'm interested to hear any advice.

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    Be a leader not a boss.

    Bosses are people who delegate work and then expect the lower ranks to do the work without any boss involvement. Be a leader and juggle (for a little while) doing the work with them and your new position's duties. They know you can do the work, that's how you got the promotion, but to show that leadership is about getting the job done regardless of rank would definitely boost the morale.

    As far as their pettiness. Find out who is the largest rumor spreader and have an undocumented no "verbal warning" meeting with them. Tell them that it isn't cool and if they want to quit they can. Don't threaten them persay but make it clear you aren't going to put up with rumors or them nuking your reputation.

    Another option is to go the "be one of the boys" route. You can make jokes about how you got the job and tell them that it sucks having to be so gorgeous and hard working because you always get stuck being the person in charge of dumb men who can't do their jobs without gossiping.

    The point is, going the old iron fist won't do anything with the current team. Give them 1 month to adjust and then after the month is up get tougher.

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    All you can really do is your job. There'll always be envy and naysayers. The trick to being management material is that you have to ignore all that.

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    Do you think a man would think about whether his team likes his promotion or not. Unless you slept with the boss, you got the promotion because you deserve it. Just do your job and don't think so much about this crap.

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  • 6 months ago

    Men are tired of women being advantaged over men... its time for some fairness, come on..

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