If a child is diagnosed with ADHD does that give them a license to run around being a little jackface?

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    6 months ago

    only if their parents are little jackfaces, too.

    if it's your house, kick 'em out. tell them they can come back when they learn to act like normal humans.

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  • 7 months ago


    ADHD is a NEUROLOGICAL DISEASE OF THE BRAIN. If a child has this, it means that they require a medical diagnosis and medication from their pediatrician. Also, giving a child with ADD or ADHD a STRUCTURED ENVIRONMENT with good rules, no tension, calm and relaxed environment and limiting screen time helps too.

    And no. It doesn't matter what your mental health diagnosis is....it never excuses bad behavior toward others.

    And believe it or not, plenty of ignorant parents refuse the necessary medication for their child that would help them to succeed.

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  • 7 months ago

    No. It means they can't straighten out and fly right. What do you expect from generations that have been raised by something that pauses every 8-10 minutes for marketing commercials and college degrees you get from your sofa and in your pajamas?

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  • ?
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    7 months ago

    Yes. Diagnosis is harmful and stigmatizing. Amples of evidence pointing to the fact that people act into diagnosis and get worse. Only suits the industries.

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