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I still want to have sex with this guy, is it possible that he will have sex with me again?

I had sex with this guy once (before we actually had sex I asked him if he wanted to be friends with benefits. And he said yes because he had always been into me). Recently I told him that my parents like him and that I think they want me to date him. I basically told him everything that my parents have been saying etc. How my mom was glad that he and I had finally gone out. Below is the message he replied with I then replied telling him that all I want is sex and nothing more. And that I hope we can work things out because I still want to see him.


The only reason why I told him about my parents and what they have been saying. Is because I don't want him to be caught off guard in case if they addressed him in a certain way. Sometimes my parents see and talk to him at the store where he works.

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    Does this guy have a beard?

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