External HDD game performance?

Hello guys,

I play on my PS4(oldest model) and since the 500GB was not enough for the number of games that I have, I have bought an external hard disk to store games. Recently I have been playing a lot of Apex Legends. Till 3 days ago, I had connection issues due to the slow internet I had. After making it to 1G contract, the speed test on my PS4 showed a very satisfactory number, more than good enough to play any online games. Always more than 150mbps. Then, I noticed that even though connection issues were gone, the game would perform quite bad sometimes. The screen will suddenly start moving slowly for a short period of time, there would be a sudden lag, etc. I asked my friend and he said maybe because I play it from my external HDD. I knew HDD makes the loading screen slower but never had an idea it impacted in-game performance. I am still not sure if this is true and if it is, I will be switching to an SSD or maybe replace the HDD in the PS4 with an SSD(warranty has already passed its date a long time ago). I do use a mediocre TV and am planning to buy a gaming monitor soon for the input lag.

My HDD is a Buffalo HD-PNT1.0U3-RC (bought in Japan)

Any information or suggestion would be helpful!

2 Answers

  • 6 months ago

    Install games on your system HD, buying an SSD, will improve speed as well.

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  • 6 months ago

    Right on all counts--speed of game will suffer from poor connections, slow hardware, too many files in crowded drive.

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