What is this?

Last week i randomly noticed a small pinky sized rash near my belly button. A couple or so days later in the same spot a sore of a sort had appeared. It looked like an ingrown hair maybe a pimple but rarely are they bad. I noticed it in the shower when I was washing with my loofa and felt a painful sensation when i lightly scrubbed my stomach area. Me being me seeing it looked like it had pus or poison in it got a pin, sanitized it and hoped after the hot shower it would help to drain it. But nothing would come out but I could clearly see poison green yellowy stuff in it. I left it, cleaned it and dressed it with a bandage overnight. Next day it was worse, hurt to sleep on my tummy. Had the doctors today for a different reason but showed her, she gave me script for antibiotocs but isn't sure what it is.

Back in May I contracted golden staph infection MRSA. On my neck area. It was pretty bad. Lasted about 2 weeks we found right meds.

This feels different to when I got the staph infection.

I had staph dermatitis that when my immune system was weakened and I had a pimple in the same area the bacteria got under the skin. I had the dermatitis for several months before this happened. But yeh I've had this sore for a few days or 3 now and no fever or anything else.

I've never had an ingrown hair quite like this...

Nothing is coming out, there's no ingrown hair unless it's reallt deep. It's in an odd place I don't get this near my belly button. Is it a boil?

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