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Pain on left side of body pregnant?

Hi this morning at 4:00 am I had a super sharp pain on my left side!! It isn’t on my abdomen at all it’s directly on my left side kind of above my hip.... It’s quite painful but It went away after a couple minutes so I went back to sleep and then again was woken up about an hour later with the same pain and it still hasn’t gone away. I’ve had this two other times and it just goes away after a couple minutes but it seems to be sticking around a lot longer this time. I’m 23 weeks along, not sure if it’s a pregnancy related issue or not. what could this be?

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  • Jill
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    6 months ago

    I'm assuming that by 23 weeks you have seen a doctor, a maternity nurse or a midwife about your pregnancy. These are the QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS you should be consulting about your pregnancy - not random strangers on Yahoo Answers. If you haven't seen one of these by 23 weeks then do that.

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    • Jill
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      There's also the option of going to the ER to see a QUALIFIED MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL.

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