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In World War II was there any fighting in Japan or was the war there just symbolic and it was all against Germany and Russia?


I know we were technically at war with Japan but never heard of any fighting there, all in Russia and Germany.

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    For the most part the only fighting on German territory was between the USSR and Germany. The Allies waged war on occupied areas, Italy, North Africa and other strategic locations and supply lines. They managed to retain air superiority and were able to take the war to Berlin and all the other cities that were destroyed in order to cripple their war machine. The actual fighting only picked-up following the re-invasion of Normandy. The priority was to find and destroy the rocket sites and then push on into Germany with the liberation of occupied areas which brought the end of the war in Europe.

    In the same way there was certainly plenty of fighting in Japanese-held territories in Asia. Heavy fighting in Burma, Iwo Jima and Okinawa convinced the allies that prosecuting the war by conventional means would take too long and cost too many lives. By this time Japan had all but lost but it was still a matter of how to end the war, given their reluctance to accept surrender.

    It ended in a uniquely different way by the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This avoided any fighting on the 'home' islands although they were subjected to continuous bombing. The nuclear action was decisive and the capitulation came so fast they had to wait for the USA to get to Tokyo Bay to sign the instrument of surrender.

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    japan only ever got bombed no physical boots on the ground type warfare took place in japan

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    So many people are almost totally ignorant of the war in the Far East and the Pacific, but how can you NOT know that in Europe there was fighting not only in Germany and Russia but also (for example) in France, Belgium, Scandinavia, Italy and Greece?

    And by Russia you mean of course the Soviet Union. Most of the German attack was in Belorussia and the Ukraine, well west of Russia proper.

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    "...was the war there just symbolic..."

    What the hell do you mean by "symbolic?" What??? I swear, every time I think I've found the vaguest, goofiest question on here, and that nobody could ask a dumber one, one of you gomers manages to surprise me.

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    Japan was hugely involved in the war. The USA, the Soviet Union, the British, Canadians, Australians, and, and, and were highly involved in fighting them. You have never heard of the use of the atomic bombs?

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    By the time the fight got to Japan itself, the US had already dropped two atomic bombs on Japan, and had fire-bombed Tokyo, and had crushed the Japanese Navy, and the Japanese surrendered. However, the fight to get close enough to bomb Japan effectively, and to clear the naval approaches to Japan was titanic. At the time of the Normandy invasion, the fleet there assembled was the largest in history. Just a short time later, an even larger fleet was assembled for the invasions of Saipan, Iwo, Okinawa. The fighting across the Pacific islands was bloody, fierce and costly. Not "symbolic."

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    Since your knowledge of the whole war is scanty perhaps you should spend some time reading books rather than displaying your ignorance to the world.

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    There was heavy fighting on Japanese islands of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. There was heavy fighting on territory occupied by the Japanese - the Philippines, China, Burma... but the biggest part of the war in the Pacific took place in the air and at sea.

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