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Someone Please Help Me This is no Joke?


Okay it is approximately 4:45 AM I’m watching YouTube because I have no idea what just happened. I woke up in the middle of the night like last night and I couldn’t go back to sleep. I thought about a book I’m reading and endgame to try and fall asleep. I almost did. I don’t know if it was a weird dream or whatever but let me try my best to describe it. You know when you think about your or someone else’s voice, it was like that but I didn’t get to think about what they’d say, nor make them stop. And you know that feeling you get in your head when you do something you know your not supposed to do, a sort of dizzy feeling. I don’t know if I’d call it vertigo though. And my eyes, I could feel them wildly darting around with my eyes closed. I could a tingly sensation behind my eyes and around me. I was conscious of my surroundings and then the worst of it passed. After that it was mini bits of it. And people were screaming in my head, not literally that’s what I heard. Like when you think of a voice and it’s REALLY realistic like it’s really there. I kept thinking I got out of bed, like I was dreaming it and I couldn’t move. After it passed my stomach felt weird. Kind of the feeling you get before your stomach rumbles. Please someone help it was extremely uncomfortable, I don’t know what happened to me.

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