could my weight be causing this?

i’m 18 years old and considered obese. about a week ago, i suddenly started feeling chest and upper abdomen tightness. i also suddenly have indigestion which hardly goes away, and that isn’t normal for me. indigestion is something i don’t usually have. i’ve also been getting muscle spasms lately, they’re painless and only last a few seconds but it happens all over my body in any place. my skin sometimes feels hot, but isn’t to the touch. and my muscles seem tired, even when i haven’t done anything. i don’t understand what this could be but it’s driving me crazy, i have severe anxiety and though this is probably nothing i’m terrified of the worst. i went to the emergency room a few nights ago for the chest tightness. EKG results and x-ray of the chest came back fine, and there are no signs of blood clotting so they said it might just be indigestion or anxiety. i’m going to see my regular doctor this week. but i just want to know if this is normal? i’ve also had a dry mouth lately..which also isn’t usual for me. could all of these be a coincidence or is this my weight? i’m sorry for the rambling.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I don't know what "considered obese" means. You're either obese or you aren't. Look at any chart on line. Are you obese? Clinically obese? Overweight? Something else?

    This sounds like part of extreme anxiety. What does a MENTAL HEALTH Physician say?

    Depression can be treated.

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