Why I dreamt I cheated on my partner with a girl?

When I was young I experience something I never it would happened and since then I been confused. I think most ppl go through it and feel the same way as me. But this is so old that I even stopped thinking about it and focus on other daily things. But once in a while I’m invaded with those dreams. What should I do? Or just keep ignoring them

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Your dream suggests that you have needs that you are unaware of and most likely, you haven’t known how to express these needs to your life partner and if you did express your needs to your life partner, he or she might be clueless, therefore the dream initiates your needs, now if your a female then you have 4 basic needs that must be met in your awake life and they have nothing to do with money, if one of them isn't getting met, you would would have a dream like this.

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