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Why does my Pomeranian growl and licks me at the same time?

My Pomeranian knows very well not to bite but we do play rough sometimes but she has never bitten me before. One time she wanted to lay down on me but as she approached me she was growling but at the same time licking me all over then asking me to rub her tummy while growling.

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    Since no one here can actually see your dog, it is hard to tell just what is going on. If your dog is relatively young, she may be trying to "play fight". This is a way dogs play in a somewhat rough manner, usually amongst one another while puppies. When there is no other puppy or dog available, they will play in the same manner with a friend human.

    You might see the dog jumping, bowing, growling, running around, etc. Sometimes the dog will also "play bite" which, again, is not an aggressive act, but play.

    Look up "play fighting in dogs" and play biting in dogs" to see if your dog is doing this. Usually they are wagging their tails during these activities, so it is relatively easy to see they are not trying to harm you,

    There are also videos that show what to do for play biting. DO NOT yell at the dog, or hit/flick the dog. Usually, keeping your hands away from the dog, and trying to settle the dog down will help.

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    She's anxious to the point of maybe being afraid of you and what you might do. It's a bit like 'don't hurt me, I'm nice'. STOP doing the things that makes her react this way. You are a human, not a dog, so you don't need to 'play rough'. This takes you down to her level and she's confused about how to deal with this.

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    Beat the dog with a belt

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