Indian Astrologers kindly help.?

Name: Prasad sriram, date of birth 26 Nov 1986, time. 6.40 pm, Place. Parkal, warangal dist, telangana.

Since I have got married in 2016, many obstacles coming in my way, now am in the process of divorce. pls predit my future.

will i get 2nd marriage? give me some remedies to overcome all the problems.

thanks in advance.

2 Answers

  • Aaron
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    You may marry multiple times but none of your marriage will sustain as long as you stay in your ancestral home or accept any male elder to lead your family. As I see it, your marriage can only last if you and your wife stay separately where your wife (be it the current one or the subsequent one) will have the authority over everything.

    Source(s): Sixth Sense
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    • prasad5 months agoReport

      OK, but still pls suggest remedies so that it will boost my personal & professional life.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Please note that astrology is in the "Entertainment" category.

    It is fiction for amusement and not science or fact.

    In many countries it is a crime to claim astrology has any basis in fact.

    The only thing you are doing by posting such information is giving scammers enough information to steal your identity!

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