Does the Galaxy S10 e have built in.screen protector on the phone when you buy it?

I bought a Galaxy S10 e from Sprint on Saturday and I love it. I just today discovered I think it has a stick on tempered glass protector . I peeled off all the plastic around the edges of the phone when I got it the part to throw away but I didn't know if the front was like that on the screen or if it was manufactured to be part of the phone to protect the screen. There is a microscopic bubble at the top of the phone and I don't know how it got there so I was trying to get it brushed down with my finger and it's not going so I questioned if I could take that protector off and fix the bubble and put it back in my friend thinks yes so she tried also but she couldn't scrape it off it was pretty hard stuck to the phone screen so I think it's manufactured to be part of the phone and I will screw up the phone if I remove it . So I googled to find that yes this phone has a built in screen protector and if damaged is not under warranty but can be replaced for 29.99. and supposedly has something to do with the touch sensor. does anybody know what I'm talking about? Should I be able to remove this or should I leave it alone? I don't want to have to go back to the store and tell them I broke their built in screen protector and need a new one but I don't know if that's what this is or if this is the part you remove after getting it out of the box like you do with the thin plastic you take off the edges. does anybody know?


Well then what is the cover over my screen? I've never had anything higher than a Galaxy S7 and I've had a few other phones but they were all older. The most updated phone I've had the most current phone I had is Galaxy at seven and now I'm using Galaxy S10 E. It appears that there is a tempered glass protector screen over the phone screen but it came like got out of the box. So I don't know if this is a removable screen that I could choose to leave on or take off if I wantedor not.

Update 2:

Well I ask because it came out of the box with what looks like a tempered glass screen protector already on the phone when I bought it and it's not like regular plastic that you're supposed to peel off and Thirloway this looks like it's built to be on the phone . There is a teeny tiny pin drop size bubble on the screen and I didn't know if that was a scratch or a bubble or both and I cannot peel off Protektor so I assume it's part of the phone

Update 3:

According to what I read online the phone comes with a screen protector that has something to do with touch censoring and if damage is not covered under warranty like other parts of the phone can be under warranty and it is 29.99 to replace if damaged so I thought maybe that meant this was she thing because it came in box with it on the screen much like a tempered glass protector . Should I peel that off the screen and get my own or should I leave this on the phone given that it came that way?

Update 4:

I just ask because there's a tiny millimeter size bubble underneath and I don't know if that means I damaged it or if it just has a bubble. If it just has a bubble then I'm fine . But I don't know if that's the same thing as what's described online as it coming with screen protector built in. because I read that the Galaxy S10 E comes with a screen protector built in. This doesn't appear to be something bad if I removed but I just want to make sure this is not the built in screen protector

Update 5:

I just want 2b sure that if it becomes damaged protector that I didn't break phone by damaging protector. If I damage actual tempered glass protector I just damage protector no big deal but if this is what I read about a "built in protector" that is specialized to phone then Idk what 2do if it gets damaged/ has 2b removed. will it break phone? Will it live without the protector if damaged til I get it replaced at Sprint? Does any1 know? shud I just take ?? to Sprint. I have no clue &no1 knows.

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  • 6 months ago

    Samsung doesn`t pre-install any plastic screen protector on S10e, only the standard S10 and S10 Plus comes with curved screen protector fitted out of the retail packages. If you want to protect your S10e against daily wear and tear and harmful element eg. sands, coins, keys; check out Rhinoshield screent protector here You can also get a bumper back cover for your premium device at this online shop.

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    • Lara N6 months agoReport

      The website said there isn't many choices for screen protectors that work with fingerprint sensors yet so you're still gonna have to use this but it's better than nothing so I'm dealing with what I got to work with it's better than not having any so I'm leaving it on

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  • 6 months ago

    No it does not. You have to buy that separately.

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