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Alright, then, it's time to be honest. Most people are lying most of the time, or just fronting. So please answer this honestly (in details)?

Is sexual action the most important part of being married? In other words, if you are a guy, is that the biggest reason that you got married?

Everyone knows that is not why girls get married, so you ladies can answer if you want, but your answers for what is #1 will all be material. I'm really just interested in other guys' answers.

Assnonymous answers will be disregarded.

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    6 months ago
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    the reverse question is why get married if not sex..

    I can cook clean manage money better alone

    it cost more to be married than single

    I spend 95% of my not working hours doing as she wants

    While we are business partners and share things we like,,, I see no reason to be married other than sex dedicated to one person all the time. We eat every day we bathe everyday we do house chores everyday... I see no reason not to have sex everyday .... But ok 5 days a week

    IF having a child is the other reason to marry and the rest is just support time for that... I suggest all men at age 18 have a vasectomy

    but after the kids are 18 and out of the house,,, why does sex not come back ?

    While I would live a Kasey as my wife,,,, most women are not as good as her

    many say one thing too buy in real life are different


    excuses for not having a good sex life -- means do not get married

    if children stop you from having sex and those are the two choices.....

    Do not have children


    "SEX is not the only part of being married" ? yeah heard this over and over

    neither is food

    neither is showering

    neither is a place to live

    neither Saving for old age

    BUT all are important we do them and sex is equally important

    the only real difference is you can do all the others on your own but sex you need someone who loves you and lusts for you

    get it in writing how many times before you marry . as well how money will be spent and how many kids if any and religion in detail if one how much will you required to attend all important to agree on ... not work out after married

    I love my wife but after all this time waiting for her to "mature" as I was told would happen.

    I would not get married (to anyone) if I had to do it all over again

    I had way more sex when I was single .. I bet I had more sex in one year then than I have had in 30 accumulated years of marriage

    I am tired and no longer feel the need to do all those family things/work with/for her family because I am so lonely in the crowd ---------- I pray everyday to die now I am lonely and she has no idea -- she is good person but she does not see me that way... I am the uncle to her family the handy guy for her and family and always there as all the other men came and went in divorces over and over.. I have been there. Now I only see death as a escape.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago


    the question is a yes or no and many insists on not saying yes or no

    I now think all marriage should require and compatibility test including this one

    and out of 7 days in a week 365 days in a year .... how often will you agree to sex

    this test should also require agreement about spending and debt and religion and children rearing or how many if any ..

    and even some kinky levels allowed or not allowed - sounds too much?,,,, wait till your married 10 years and your spouse shocks you or you shock them

    while the story about injured husband is sad,, it has no place in this question -- exceptions need to be held to a special place - this was for people dealing with spouse rejecting them under normal marriage conditions.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Date night should always really be EXTRA special sex night .... it is seldom sex night (and should not be the only sex night)

    "Romance" is way over used and poorly defined -- The excite of first date first kiss first sex never comes back ,,, but many people think romance what ever that is will bring it back

    but raw and misbehaving sex is always good if you let it be

    Dinner is dinner if you and your wife go to a $30.00 a person restaurant or a $8.00 restaurant

    how does that make the sex better? (and on bill paying day the $100.00 date night comes back to add stress to them) I cannot see spending $500.00 week so they can have sex 5 times a week

    Dressing up in nice cloths ? ok I can handle that but sex should be good either way or it will not be good no matter what


    being too tired does make senses but not valid most of the time

    planning a extended family night over and over all the time then being too tired is a formula of divorce

    I do think married wives often feel we can (and do) have sex all the time today let's rest today

    there are 365 days a week ,,, 12 times in 365 is not very good numbers even 52 times in 365 is not good

    I think the biggest insult is over the years as men doe the wife says how much she misses him,, -- I know she rejected him over the past 30 years over and over ..... OK -- who do they think they are putting this show on for?

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  • Ann
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    6 months ago

    Female here---and yes, sex is very important in a marriage. Back before the advent of birth control pills and it was considered highly immoral to have sex before marriage, a lot of girls married so they experience the "mystery" of sex. At least, that's the way it was where I grew up. I hit the jackpot when I married, and my husband was a wonderful lover. Unfortunately, he met with a terrible accident was was left paralyzed and terribly brain-injured, so the sex went away with it. I will admit I miss it; however, we're now at an age when it wouldn't be as frequent or passionate as it first was, even if he was whole. I have learned that for a marriage to work, trust and respect need to go together to make the relationship work. I still love my husband deeply, and would never do anything to hurt him. I remember fondly the good times we had, and I guess he does, too. That's enough for us.

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    • Ann
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      6 months agoReport

      To HNizzles2: Obviously you didn't read all of my post. When the guy is physically unable to perform sexually (or any other way), the thing that is left to do is to show him respect and love, so he can trust that his spouse would never go out and cheat on him.

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  • 6 months ago

    Lady here, I got married because I adore the man I am with. We met in highschool and he is so funny, kind, and wants to make me happy. Sometimes I do get frustrated because I want to have sex with him, like at least once a day. If he'd let me I'd be on him 2 or 3 times in a day. But he is content with sex maybe once a week, which to me is crazy! I have been with him for 7 years and at the beginning I was very conservative and he was the one that was ALL OVER ME, now it is reversed. We are working on it, me trying to throw myself at him a little less, and him trying to be romantic more than once a week.

    Hope that helps a little.

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    • Claira6 months agoReport

      I never turn him down if he wants sex bc I love sex. I do not feel like sex is what keeps him around bc he is always seeking my attention in other ways. Going on dates, cooking together, watchin movies etc. I think you are jumping to conclusions. If anything hes been turning me down for 7 years lol

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  • Foofa
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    6 months ago

    There are 24 hours in a day and even the most ardent married couples don't spend more than one hour of that engaged in sexual activities. So clearly sex isn't the most important part of being married. For a typical marriage most partners will spend far more time working and paying the bills than getting down between the sheets.

    • knack6 months agoReport

      sad but true -- but you spend a lot of time pay bills
      and to top it off... it is not true two live cheaper than one

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  • 6 months ago

    If sex is the only reason a guy gets married, he is in for a big surprise. Just because we are married, it doesn't mean we are going to have sex anytime we want it.

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    6 months ago

    That is a part of a happy marriage. But just being with someone that you can tell everything,good bad and in between. It means so much to us that we enjoy each other's company, yet at the same time we have individual interest.

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  • 6 months ago

    I am not married. But I am with the woman I am with because she is a slut. She is into all the taboo fetishes I am. I use any hole I want, grab her, tie her up and force her in the right direction. She really loves pain, abuse & humiliations (this matters more to me than sex, I am a sadist). She is 100% bisexual & submissive to women. While she is into MMF, I am not and FFM is perfect for her. She is loyal but very sexual and confident with her sexuality. Older however has tattoos & piercings. She dresses to show off her body so M/F can enjoy wearing makeup for the same reasons. She craves compliments/validation from M/F. She changes her looks, hair, style and body (as she can) to get more attention - She cares about how good she looks (is perceived). She loves to drink, dance, party and play Xbox. She won't take sh*t from feminists, insecure, petty or over the top jealous women She holds grudges against such women to where she likes to fight them or embarrass them some how "for their own good" she says. She squirts, loves porn and will walk around naked, clothed or in cosplay outfits when told.

    Its about the whole package not just sex. When you get a woman that will gargle your urine - that is a winner (seriously).

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago


    Marriage is most buys response to the scarcity of puss.y

    It’s their idea of getting themselves a steady supply of puss.y


    The flaws in this strategy become apparent with experience but by that time it’s too late.

    “Sense comes gradually to all living things.”

    Aah-so, grasshopper.

    • 7 months agoReport

      Flawed strategy realized too late, is mucho truthful, Master Po.

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