How many moles of nitrogen atoms are in 3.62 moles of N2O4? Step?


Step by Step please

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  • 1 year ago

    How many moles.....

    This one is easy enough to do in your head. No set-up required.

    The subscripts in a chemical formula give the number of moles of each element in 1 mole of the compound. In 1 mole of N2O4 there are 2 moles of N and 4 moles of O. Therefore, in 3.62 mol of N2O4 the number of N moles will twice that: 7.24 mol N.

  • 1 year ago

    Refer to the subscripts in the chemical formula of N₂O₄.

    Each mole of N₂O₄ contains 2 moles of N atoms and 4 moles of O atoms.

    Moles of N atoms in 3.62 moles of N₂O₄ = (3.62 mol) × 2 = 7.24 mol

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