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Is everyone ready to hear about their favourite supersonic variable geometry amphibious biplane?

I sure am!


@ Anonymous. I hope you have another career, because I’m willing to bet you don’t make that more than 60 days a year.

I make way more than that working 160 days a year flying a real plane. It’s not the Peking Boulevard, but it’s better than yours. It’s allowed me enough time off and money to buy my own plane which would likely beat yours in the bush flying and STOL dept.

You brought your wife into this, really? Pathetic. You have nothing I am jealous of, and you waste more time here than me

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    Any UFO worth its salt can go through any medium.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    I'll bet they're more interested to hear about my day where I went salmon fishing this morning then flew a real airplane for 4 hours, got paid five hundred bucks for doing it, made another sixty five in tips which paid for a really nice dinner and drinks for me and a coworker. Then at the end of the day I relaxed with a beautiful woman [wife] and right now just before going to bed I get to rub it all into your pathetic face.

    And all you did today was make up a few more stupid troll questions about the fictitious Peking Boulevard.


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