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How many moles of sodium hypochlorite are in your solution and what is the molarity of sodium hypochlorite in your solution?

Household bleach is an aqueous solution of sodium hypochlorite. Suppose you have 374mL of household bleach and have determined that the solution has a density of 1.08g/mL and is 5.25 percent NaClO by mass.

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    Moles of sodium hypochlorite .....

    Volume of solution = 374 mL .......... Density of solution = 1.08 g/mL

    Percent NaOCl by mass = 5.25%

    374 mL soln. x (1.08g soln. / 1 mL soln.) x (0.0525g NaOCl / 1g soln.) x (1 mol NaOCl / 74.44g NaOCl) = 0.285 mol NaOCl

    Molarity = moles / liters = 0.285 mol / 0.374L = 0.762M NaOCl

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