Objectivists typically hold that?

a. due to several different kinds of arguments, relativism has to be concluded to be a seriously mistaken theory

b. cultural and social differences are all just illusions, and they don't matter at all

c. while objective moral principles exist, there are no foundational moral principles or values that apply to everybody

d. relativism is probably correct, but that the existence of God means that relativism is irrelevant

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    a) I believe this to be correct...though more so WHEN LEARNING PHILOSOPHY

    FROM SCRATCH so to speak.

    Take it from me one-has-to-learn the difference between these things, if not least

    because they are STILL confused as taught.

    b) one cannot hope to understand the difference between objectivism & subjectivist

    type philosophy without referring to the GENERALLY ACCEPTED METHOD

    of Philosophy. This is called "the critical method" & I myself have asked about

    this very method here in this category.

    Interesting answers because it seemed very much to me that virtually all agreed

    that THIS WAS the method of philosophy YET WERE UNABLE TO FULLY

    utilise it.

    More exclusively they were unable to use this method upon things like philosophy

    FROM THE PAST - and we aren't talking specifically from-a-long-time ago in the

    time of the ancient Greeks (when it all started for us) but also within the NEAR

    PAST - math & environmental examples to be more specific.

    Since all of that I moved on & found that now within modern (objective) philosophy

    there can BE A PLACE for a (more historical &) personal subjective philosophy.

    This place would have-to-be at the FAR End of a new philosophy Spectrum..

    where "philosophy" itself would be the main player & the main "authoritative

    driver" so to speak. The good thing about such a spectrum would be that there

    is a PLACE for this type-of-philosophy to exist & be recognised : and even a

    special possible partner with either science or mathematical science as its

    "partner" so to speak (the scientists/ mathematicians may not like it but could

    change with the results apparent...

    There is another big change which philosophy AS TAUGHT subjectively has

    to engage. This change applies to the MAKING OF MISTAKES within philosophy

    itself. Specifically within the Environment of Philosophy which as you may know

    is first & foremost a pure subject or category, one where it has rarely been seen &

    understood by subjectivists.

    I have explained a lot of this in the past & its "open" if you can access that better...

    Anyway..If we take the physical environmental planetary concerns that are of

    a real threat now, so to make our thought-solutions first EVEN FASTER so that

    we don't run-out-of-time (before we reach a CO2 saturation point in about 7 years)

    SIMILARLY we should propose the same here IN PURE Philosophy...where we

    MAKE OUR MISTAKES FASTER & faster & so not only building up philosophy

    after centuries of neglect but also trying to see just why learning philosophy in

    particular can make us happier, more sensitive perhaps & more relaxed to

    learn it as it would be a lot easier (to learn & understand) in such a future place too.

    So much for -- learning from our mistakes (!)

    I hope that this is sufficient to try to engage with your philosophy question above, also

    perhaps some of the other questions that you have.

    Source(s): (my Q's & A's as source))
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    • peter m
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      And if unsure...remember that it is better to enquire & search further before making a decision-choice that we could all choose to regret.

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  • j153e
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    7 months ago

    a, Yes another hierarchically officious organization.

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Objectivists typically hold that?

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