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Contract with an LLC?

I need to break a lease. When I tried finding the LLC online there was none? I can’t find it online or on the BBB. Is there another way to find it? Can they hold up a lease if the business I signed with isn’t registered?

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    In most US states a database of LLCs is maintained by the Secretary of State or other commerce agency, and is not "online" in the sense that you can "google" it. It's part of the "deep web", meaning you have to go to a "portal" of some kind, perhaps login, then use their native search facility to look for the business name you're interested in.

    Similarly, tax records and deeds may be searchable, but not necessarily "online" without going to the record-facility portal page first.

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    Just because you cannot find the registration for LLC, you should not assume it does not exist.

    Go ahead and check out the tax records...I bet the LLC on your lease owns the property...

  • 5 months ago

    The lease is valid.

  • 5 months ago

    Just find someone to rent it then you are off the hook as it is illegal to collect 2 rents on 1 unit.

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    Are you sure that it is an LLC? Were you looking in the right place? Unless it is registered with the BBB, then it would not be listed there. The BBB is not inclusive of all companies.

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    It must be registered with the secretary of state. What state and what is the LLC?

    You should ask a lawyer about whether they can do business in a state without registering the LLC. If they didn't register it, what would stop you from registering it with yourself as the statutory agent?

    • Nuff Sed
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      "What would stop you"? Uhm, the laws prohibit fraud, so there's that.

  • A.J.
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    County tax records has the owner of the building.

    Generally, LLCs and all other corporations can be looked up at a state commerce web site, but that is left out of the question. You have to go to official records sites of the government.

    Then, if specific information is given, it can be discussed.

    The lease still applies to a new owner unless the contract says something.

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