Why can the school suspend me for a fight off school grounds, on the weekend, with someone who doesn’t even go to my school?

I got in a fight when I was in the Eighth Grade on a Saturday at a gas station with somebody I didn’t even know (that didn’t go to my school). I got 5 days of suspension for it. Why is my school allowed to do that even though they weren’t involved in any way?

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    The school has no power over what you do off school property. The law, which nobody is exempt from, does though. If I were you I'd be happy with my 5 day school suspension and glad I wasn't thrown in a juvenile detention center. Most kids would consider 5 days out of school a reward rather than a punishment anyway. School IS the punishment.

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  • Anna D
    Lv 7
    7 months ago

    It's July where I live and kids aren't even in school.

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