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Why do many progressives think they're entitled to dictate to minorities how they should think?

I'm a fairly moderate person, I'm also a minority. But, I'm very appalled at how many on the American far-left assume that all minorities in the United States share the same political beliefs.

For example, recently at this year's Netroots Nations conference, Massachusetts Democratic Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley proclaimed, "We don't want any Black or Brown people who don't want to be a Black or Brown voice; any LGBT people who don't want to be an LGBT voice; any Muslims who don't want to be a Muslim voice." I found that to be very astounding, since when do your race, sexual orientation, or religion necessarily determine your political ideology?

It would seem that real "progress" is allowing people to use their common sense to develop informed opinions, irrespective of their immutable (or mutable) characteristics. Correct?


Gilgamesh King of Heroes, nice maturity and tolerance, there.

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    You're a moderate, well informed person with good sense... Why the hell are you into politics? 😂

    I kid.. I kid. But I seriously just find politics so ignorant and revolting I just cannot get into it anymore. Maybe that's fighting ignorance with more ignorance, I don't care. My life is too short to give a sh*t about our current state of affairs and all the buttf*ckery that comes with it. You just seem smart, so I just wanted to let you know that politics doesn't deserve people like you. Just let it rot...

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    the progressive ideology is rooted in racism.

    you should look up early progressives like Woodrow Wilson, Margarete Sanger, or FDR.

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