Do ice cream shops offer flexible hours to employees?

I’m about to start college and am hoping to work around 10 hours a week but no more due to my course load. Can an ice cream shop offer flexible hours? Or should I dog walk instead?


Thanks guys. Dog walking it is.

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    Most part time jobs offer 15 - 25 hrs a week. 10 hrs isn't really worth it to them to hire you, you don't have enough availability for them. Dog walking could be more flexible, you would have to look into that.

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  • 7 months ago

    I would dog walk...

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  • Judy
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    7 months ago

    The ice cream shop would probably hire someone who's available more than 10 hours.

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  • 7 months ago

    10 hours a week may not even be worth it to the employer to hire you. That's two 5 hour shifts per week, so you'll be working 2 days at most. I mean, you might as well try, but if 10 is your max, I don't think you'll get hired.

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