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Is it sexist to point out that men gave rude responses in a certain situation while women only responded nicely?

It came from probably not the best source, because it was a comment section under a video with a gameplay of a kid's game, but one person pointed out that most guys responded rude in the game and they got called out for being sexist

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    Provided it 1. is true, and 2. is not somehow generalized to all men, rather than just the men who responded in that specific situation, nah.

    Eg it would not be sexist to say "So far, most or all of the men who have responded to this have been jerks, what's up with that?" (as long as it was true), but it would be sexist to say something like "This proves that most men are jerks".

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  • 6 months ago

    Damn right it wasn't from "the best source."

    So a SELF-SELECTED "sample" of commentators is the basis of your judgment?

    Yeah, I'd call that sexist. And your confirmation bias plays a big role in it. You're willing to accept the flimsiest excuse for "evidence" as backup of a claim you already believe, that "men are nastier."

    You are just as deluded as the female-bashing idiots who post sexist stuff here all the time.

    Dumb@$$. I can't wait until both you and your female-bashing equivalents on the male side are EXTINCT.

    I would certainly love to help some of you along that road, however, I will not do this as I have been informed by my attorneys that this would violate several laws, and might result in my incarceration.

    But it's great fun to fantasize about it.

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    • ChemFlunky
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      I am inclined to assume benign intent unless proven otherwise. Do you actually think it's sexist to say "All the men who responded to this are being jerks", if it is indeed true?

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Women are self-centered scúm, they only care about themselves and what men can give/do for them. they would gladly sacrifice men to war, being the weak cowards that they are, so I hope they're raped and murdered like the low-life they are.

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