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Chicago L system?

I am visiting Chicago August 2nd and will be landing in the Midway Airport. I need to know how much a ride on the L from the Midway Airport to the O'Hare airport will cost? I'm from Oklahoma City theirs no such thing as a public transit here.

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    Chicago Transit Authority

    You can take the CTA directly from Midway to O'Hare with one transfer downtown. It is the most economical way to transport between the two airports, but be sure to allow up to two hours for the trip.

    How Do I Get to O'Hare via CTA?

    Take the Orange Line train from the Midway Station. The station is just east of the terminals and is connected via an enclosed walkway.

    Get off at the Clark/Lake Station downtown and transfer to the Blue Line free of charge.

    Take the Blue Line toward O'Hare and get off at the O'Hare Station.

    For more information, or to plan your trip, please go to the CTA website​.

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    If you really want to take the "L" train, take the Orange Line train from Midway to the Clark/Lake "L" station in downtown Chicago. Then, to avoid paying a second fare, follow the signs to the Blue Line, which is in the subway below the Orange Line. Take the Blue Line to O'Hare Airport. It will cost $2.50, and take about 90 minutes. The only surcharge that you would experience is if you return, you will have to pay a total of $5 when you leave O'Hare. (There is no surcharge for rides leaving Midway.)

    There are also taxis and express buses that connect the airport, but the costs and travel times vary. You can inquire about those connections at the Midway luggage pickup area.

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      A single ride ticket from a Ventra Vending Machine is $3 at Midway and $5 at O'Hare. The $2.50 fare only applies when you are paying with the balance stored on a Ventra card or with a Paywave credit card or NFC phone app.

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    It says to allow at least two hours for the trip.

    There is a shuttle service


    There are shared taxi rides too. It will be a lot faster if time is an issue. Cost is estimated at $35/$40

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    It should be a $5 fare. You will have to ride downtown on one line and then change to another to get to the airport.

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